The Paintball Farm Kzn

Kwazulu Natals premier paintball facility

Birthday Parties


We cater for all forms of Birthday parties at The Paintball Farm.

Weather you are a fun loving adult, an adrenalin seeking teenager or a bunch of kids wanting to enjoy the thrill and excitement of paintball, we offer it all.

We have three dedicated bush fields and a Tournament accredited speedball arena to chose from.


The battlefield:

 is a 80 x 50 meter marked off area with bunkers,Tyre walls, fox holes, pill boxes , trees and bush.It is perfect for conventional type battles with  capture the flag themed games.

The Bush :

The bush field is approximately 10 acres of natural South African Savannah. There are thorn trees , sand walls , felled                                    black wattle trees , ant hills and areas where the grass is waste high. Here seek and attack themed games as well as                                  capture the flag type games are played.

Zombie Field :

The Zombie field is comprised of old shipping containers , tyre walls, water tanks and natural bush. This field is perfect for                           scenario type capture the fort games.

Being parents ourselves, we understand the importance of safety and completely understand the need to be over cautious.If the kids are between the ages of 10 and 14 , we turn the markers down so that the kids can still have fun without the worry of them hurting themselves.We have trained 


 that are 


 at hand on the side as well as in the field of play to ensure that the kids are safe at all times.

Cost:We charge R50 per person   (This includes the hire of the gun, a loader, a mask, an air bottle and all the air for the day)Paint is R550 a box (2000)    Or R150 for a packet of 500 balls


We can offer basic catering and custom package deals can be arranged.

Contact us on for further info.